Our pillow sprays are available in four magical dreams.

All our pillow sprays are made with calming natural ingredients to support your child throughout the night.

We all know how hard it is to get your children to go to sleep and the challenges that come with this. Not only do they not know how to give in to tiredness, they also do not know how to deal with anxiety or fear.​​​ We have all come across the worries that your child has, about being in the dark, fear of starting school and generally growing up.

All of our Dream Spray pillow sprays are made with natural calming sleep enhancing essential oils to support your child throughout the night from going to bed to staying asleep for longer.​​ When inhaled, our ingredients are effective before bedtime and extremely beneficial if you're after a better night sleep for your child or teenager (and yourself)!

All of our pillow sprays use lavender. We also use vetiver to help relax the mind. We included eucalyptus to help open up the airways and improve the quality of your child's sleep as well as lemongrass known to help relieve chronic stress and anxiety. This is also true for frankincense, used in our latest edition the Rainbow Dream Spray, which helps children with ADHD sleep better.

Simply spray the pillow spray generously onto your child’s pillow, comforter and bedclothes before going to sleep and surround them with the smell of magic and relaxation. Available in four magical dreams to switch off their busy minds before drifting into a deep restorative sleep.