Tips to keep your child cool at night.

This weather has been rather unprecedented and we are looking for ways to keep ourselves cool during the night. Luckily our children are solid sleepers, but it is the ‘getting them to sleep’ that is more challenging when the temperatures rise.

Routine, routine, routine!
Most importantly keep your normal bedtime routine in place. Children need this, the thought of knowing what comes next makes them feel secure.

Luke warm bath before bedtime.
You might worry about giving them a warm bath at night with this heath, however it is still recommended, maybe not as hot, but definitely not cold! Take it about 90 minutes before bedtime. It really helps lowering your body’s temperature.

Close your curtains in the day.
We advise that you keep your curtains closed in the day to avoid the sun from heating up your bedroom. It is also good to cool the room down 90 minutes before bedtime, maybe a fan might help with this. Have you thought about black-out blinds? It will help them stay asleep for longer during the summer months. 

Drink plenty of water.
Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Avoid drinking large glasses of water before bedtime, especially if your toddler is out of a nappy, you do not want this to wake them up at night to go to the toilet.

Natural cotton bedding.
Natural cotton flat sheets are perfect It is soft, lightweight, and breathable allowing air circulation to the skin, which will help your skin breathe better.

Put your socks in the fridge.
Now have you heard of chilling your socks before going to bed? Put them in the fridge! It will really help lowering the body temperature, which is key for a good night of uninterrupted slumber.

Hopefully all these tips will help your little ones and teenagers drifting off. Of course we recommend our Dream Spray pillow spray, full of essential sleep enhancing ingredients to help you calm down before bedtime.