The night before Christmas sleep tips

Twas the night before Christmas, and all was quiet… you wish! With all the drama of Santa checking his list to see who has been naughty and who has been nice, there’s not really much chance of an early evening for the kids. Still, as a self-respecting parent who cares about their health and who fancies a few sherries before bedtime, you can’t let your kids get lost in the excitement.

Sleep quality is essential, particularly at Christmas, so here’s how to put your children, and the tantrums, to bed early.

Limit Sugar

With all the sweets lying around the house, the kids are bound to get a sugar rush. However, the key is to limit their intake a couple of hours before bed. That way, they’ll drop off sooner and stay asleep for longer, helping you to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Eating sugary snacks before bedtime can lead to a sudden spike in their energy levels. Some people say it causes nightmares. So avoid, avoid, avoid is the best advice for a good night of uninterrupted slumber.

Stick to a Regular Routine

There will be some leeway because of the time of year. Still, letting them dictate when they go to bed will only result in tears on the 25th. You want to avoid this as Christmas Day is the best part, and you can by sticking to a regular bedtime routine. They’ll tell you they’re not tired and try and blackmail you emotionally (we’ve all been there), but you can always tell them that the reindeer will need his carrot to keep on delivering presents and if they are still awake Santa is not popping round with his reindeers for their night time snack.

Calm bedroom environment

Don't just make turn your lounge into a magical Christmas wonderland, create a similar environment for your child's bedroom. We are not suggesting to put another tree up, but something that inspires their imagination before bed. This will certainly bring back happy memories and positive feelings. 

Spray the Pillow

Our magical sleep spray will ensure that they never stop dreaming by helping them to relax and chill out on Christmas Eve. A generous spritz will fill the room with stress-relieving aromas, encouraging a night of deep sleep, even on the 24th of December! How about Unicorns or Deep Sea?

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