ADHD and essential oils. How can you support your child's ADHD symptoms with essential oils?

Children with ADHD and Autism suffer from sleep problems and how do essentials oils help?

Any child can have difficulty getting to sleep but, for children with autism or ADHD, sleeping issues are particularly common. Similarly, autism and ADHD can mean that children experience higher levels of anxiety and may find it hard to relax.

If your child has been diagnosed with autism or ADHD, you’ll want to do everything you can to assist them in dealing with their symptoms. In conjunction with your child’s doctor, you may want to use at-home, self-care techniques to help manage your child’s symptoms and relieve feelings of worry or frustration.

How do essential oils help?

Essentials oils can help you and your child to relax or unwind, or even make you feel more motivated and energetic, depending on the specific oil used. It’s believed that the scent molecules in essential oils travel to the brain via the olfactory nerves, which is why they’re so effective when it comes to modifying our emotions.

For people with autism or ADHD, regulating your emotions can be tricky. Children with autism or ADHD may be prone to outbursts or experience intense bouts of anger. Similarly, they may display signs of heightened anxiety, particularly when confronted with a situation they’re unsure how to interpret. Understandably, these symptoms can be very distressing, both for the child and the parents or carers.

Essential oils can help to reduce the symptoms of autism or ADHD by helping children to feel calmer and more relaxed and improve their overall well-being. By altering their emotions, it has a knock-on effect on behaviour. As a result, you can use essential oils to help your kids relax more easily and display fewer signs of anxiety, aggression or distress.

Essential oils for sleep improvement.

All parents know how difficult it can be to get your kids to go to bed at a reasonable time. Furthermore, persuading them to stay in bed until a normal wake up time can seem impossible! If your child has autism or ADHD, their sleep quality may be particularly concerning.

Either of these conditions can result in disruptive sleep patterns and low sleep quality, which can affect your child’s well-being and behaviour. If your child doesn’t get enough high-quality sleep regularly and consistently, it can affect their development and their mental health. Due to this, it is important to address concerning and long term sleep issues with your child’s physician or a qualified sleep expert.

In addition to this, you may want to use at-home sleep improvement methods and tried and tested sleep aid products to help your child get the ever so important rest they need. Fortunately, essential oils are particularly effective in this regard. By helping your child to unwind and let go of their worries, the right essential oil can help them drift off to sleep happily!

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Which essential oils are best for children with ADHD and autism?