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If you've ever watched a newborn baby, head lolling in its mother's arms, napping its way through its suggested 17 hours a day (according to the National Sleep Foundation/NSF in America, although try telling some babies that), it's obvious that their sleep requirements are different to a typical 70-year-old, who is much more likely to sleep fitfully.

"Our sleep requirements change throughout our lives," agrees Alice Gregory, sleep researcher and author of Nodding Off: The Science of Sleep from Cradle to Grave. What is interesting, she says, are the reasons for the shifts. Studies and theories abound: from late-rising teenagers, whose internal "clocks" shift by two hours as their bodies develop, to the early-rising older generation, whose role when humans slept in tribes, may have been to be awake early on guard duty............

The Telegraph

Saturday 27 October 2018


The seven ages of sleep: how to improve your slumber as you go through life

This was very effective. When this first arrived, I was very dubious as to whether this would help at all as normally it would take my child 45 mins to 1 hour to drop off however on the first night, she was asleep in 15 mins. Although I didn't focus on the spray being a calming spray but more so for sleep, I reckon it did help in the sense that it encouraged her to settle herself. Smells nice, bottle a decent size, good quality spray bottle used, not flimsy plastic. I didn't think it would be but after using it, time falling asleep reduced rapidly from 45 mins- 1 hour to between 5 and 15 minutes so yes, I would say it offers value for money. I loved the scent, but the fact that product did as it said is great.I would buy the product. It's helped so much with sleep that I'm considering buying another before this one runs out. I already have recommended it to others. It's worked so well for me so have let others know of this product after they told me of their child's trouble going to sleep.I have loved using this product. The fact that it does as it says in regards to sleep has been a godsend. This product has definitely been a great addition to our sleep routine. Another one will be purchased shortly as it has helped me so much settling my daughter to sleep that I don't want it to end and with the drop in time it now takes, why would I want that to stop. 

Bizzie Baby Award 

Friday 22 February 2019


Unicorns Dream Spray scoops bronze

Finally, after months of entries – and extended deadlines to help you all have time to finish those entries – we can finally announce the shortlisted brands, labels and products for the  Junior Design Awards 2019 . As always the shortlisting is a tough job – it sees the Junior editorial team read, review and deliberate over literally hundreds and hundreds of entries.

The shortlisting process is never taken lightly. We understand winning a Junior Design Awards #JDA19 is a unique opportunity to grab a luxury award that is – and is continues to be – the most esteemed accolade in the family lifestyle award arena, recognised by brands, clients and consumers alike.

We have a really strong line-up of new, exciting, familiar and heritage brands hat fit the Junior asbestic – and have been overwhelmed with the quality of the entries. There is some fantastic products out there for stylish families and children – and we hope to showcase the best of the best here....

Junior Design Awards 


Shortlisted for Best Children's Toiletries Collection

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