Tips to help your child sleep better when the clocks go forwards

It is already hard enough getting your child into a regular sleeping pattern, but when the clocks go forward this strikes additional fear into the heart of all parents. We lose an hour in bed and wake up feeling a little sleepier than usual.

British Summer Time starts on the last Sunday of March each year. The clock goes forward one hour at 1am. So on Sunday the 28th of March 2021, we will move to British Summer Time (BST). We will last until Sunday the 31st of October, when the clocks go back an hour and we return to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

If you are looking for some help then there are some tips that we suggest:

  • Adjust the time of day to match the established sleep pattern e.g. if your child normally goes to sleep at 7pm then try to settle them at 6.30 and then adjust it again the next day by 15 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can simply wait for your child to adjust to the new timings naturally. Give yourself some more time to get their new bed time sorted. The Easter break is only around the corner and with no school on the agenda things are less pressured.
  • You must also try to adjust your child’s daytime nap accordingly. You can stick to the original time and allow your child to naturally fit into a new pattern.
  • We highly recommend making the bedroom dark with black out blinds. Also closing all the curtains upstairs will help create that bedtime vibe even more.

Other tips to help your child adjust:

If you can try to make the most of the Summer evening light with some late afternoon and early evening outdoor play to burn off some energy. Make sure to try and relax your child in the 30 minutes leading up to their bedtime with softer lighting and soothing bedtime stories. As always try to have an established bedtime routine for you child – teatime, quiet play, bath, story, Dream Spray and then bed. By having a good bedtime routine it should be easier for your child to cope with the clocks going forwards.

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